Sunday, February 6, 2011


My project for year 2010 did not get finished.
Unfortunately I lacked motivation, time. I didn't push myself hard enough.
And life send my way some things I had to deal with, which I could very easily use as an excuse.

I wish I had come here earlier and apologize for never changing page and old set of pictures.
All of you, who were always so supportive coming here and commenting, giving thumbs up to what I was doing- it means so much to me. There is no point to share photographs if there is no audience. At least for me.
So thank you for all. And sorry I am so late with this message.

There are some ideas for ongoing project again. Now, when my life is stabilizing a little bit more I may be able to keep up with such commitment.
Most likely this page will not be used for the purpose of new photo project.

Please, visit me on my regular blog. To see what's going on, what I am working on. Or what I had been photographing recently. Visit me and share, what you think. The blog is located under the address:

Hope to see you there!


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